About GFRC

Nika mihan ara Productions along with other developed countries and utilizing technical units and advanced machinery and equipment designs , produces and provides a variety of unique highest quality and modern GFRC components for interior and exterior views in iran

Nowadays, considering the tendency of consumers to use various materials of high quality along with the need for industrialization, the use of traditional methods and materials does not meet the high volume of construction .Therefore, the use of new technologies and special methods of production, in order to enhance the quality, durability and visual beauty, is inevitable. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)Is a composite consisting cement, fine grains, fibers and additives, in which fibers and additives are used to improve the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of concrete. The correct mix of these materials and the production of a composite with perfect fit and integrity allows use of the concrete for rugged and curved surfaces.

As an engineered material ,The properties of GFRC can vary depending on the mixing of compound materials. The glass fibers used in it have a higher tensile strength than steel. In a typical mixing plan, the compressive strength is about 8000 to 6000 psi. In GFRC, instead of steel glass fibers are used to reinforce concrete. Since these fibers do not rust like steel thus there is no need of protecting concrete coating against the rusting. With these unique features , these components can be used even in Salty and marine environments .

Due to high resistance of GRFC, it is possible to produce components with thicknesses of 30- 12 mm. Therefore, the weight of the GFRC components are much less than the traditional prefabricated concrete components, and there are about 30 kg per square meter. The light weight of the GFRCs makes them easier, faster and unchallenging to load on the structure of the building. Lighter weight, high tensile and flexural strength, water and fire resistance; Freedom of action of designers and architects creates a possibility of inventing new designs in a variety of colors and textures for use in different levels.also The low weight of this product, due to its low thickness, makes it possible to produce large, delicate pieces with diverse and complex designs. The other advantage of prefabricated GFRC components is the fast repair and replacement of new parts instead of damaged view components.

According to numerous studies conducted in the laboratory on the durability and shelf-life of GFRC, and in conditions that are perfectly compatible with environmental conditions, it is seen that in many environments, such as when exposed to salt sprays or high humidity , GFRC works much better. Since the GFRC surface is impregnated with a special polymer, Cracks, wear and corrosion are not seen in the surface. In fact, the durability and resistance of the GFRC against storms, floods, fires and earthquakes have been proven in the laboratory, as well as in many projects. If exposed to fire, GFRC will not burn, but will act as a regulator against the fire and protect the material behind it from the flames.

Compared to the conventional concrete, it has a lower sensitivity and erosion under various atmospheric conditions and has a higher resistance to freezing. It acts as thermal and noise insulation and, due to the high quality control of the components, finished view has minimum fading and waste of the construction materials.

GFRC ‘s environmental impact is much lower than that of concrete, stone or other traditional materials, and is very environmentally friendly.

The most important uses of the GFRC

The GFRC can be used to construct pillars and columns, domes, decorative ceilings and walls, sculptures, fences, decorative pieces for interior and exterior decoration of buildings, as well as in the construction of marine structures such as docks and floating bridges, Channels for cabling, water channels, storage tanks and more.

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