About GFRG

The Nika Mihan Ara Group, along with other developed countries and utilizing its technical and advanced machinery and equipment, designs manufactures a variety of highest quality elegant, light ,delicate, stylish, diverse and modern GFRG with the highest quality for decorating of interior spaces in Iran.

In 1977, a new product came from England to the United States and Canada. The product currently known as GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) is a reinforced synthetic gypsum. GFRG is made of gypsum, glass fiber and special additives and is in fact a gypsum plaster With the difference that it is considerably lighter and more robust, and it's easy to install and run. This product is used to produce thin, delicate, lightweight, yet durable, components.

GFRG components can be used in low humidity places where it requires lightweight ,delicate , durable and fire resistant components. It can also be used in coverings on columns, curtains, domes, decorative ceilings and walls, cornices, sculptures, fireplaces and decorative parts with regular, irregular, and very complex modular shapes.

GFRG is fire resistant. This product is a result of mixing of the minerals, so it does not burn. In addition, it acts as a heat regulator when exposed to the flame and protects the materials in back from flames for two hours. GFRG Compared to other stone or gypsum materials, with a weight of about 15-10 kg / m 2, it is lightweight quick and easy to install.

Because of GFRG’s unique features, it is easy to produce a variety of sophisticated, modern, decorative and classical designs and Due to its high colorfulness, it can be supplied in any color depending on the taste and demand of the customer.

The most important uses of the GFRG

The GFRG can be used to make overlays on columns, curtains, domes, wall panels and ceilings, sculptures, decorative parts for interior decoration, and ...

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