Nika Mihan Ara

Nika Mihan Ara is one of the most successful Iranian companies
that active in production of prefabricated components like
This success is result of our great team and their innovation
and effort and of course trust of our customers
We are capable of implementing innovative and creative projects


Nika Mihan Ara Producer of prefabricated decorations

Nika Mihan Ara Co. by taking advantage of World Day technologies and skilled personnel consisting of experienced designers, Architects and technical engineers, leads the production of prefabricated GFRC and GFRG views in a wide range of shapes and designs


The Nika Mihan Ara Productions along with other developed countries and by utilizing technical units and advanced machinery and equipment designs , produces and provides a variety of unique, elegant, delicate, light, stylish, highest quality and modern GFRC components for interior and exterior views in iran


The Nika Mihan Ara Group, along with other developed countries and by utilizing technical and advanced machinery and equipment, designs and manufactures a variety of highest quality elegant, light,delicate, stylish, diverse and modern GFRG with the highest quality for decorating interior spaces in Iran.



Why Nika Mihan Ara?

Nika is the pioneer in designing and manufacturing GFRC and GFRG components with unique ways to build, execute and install the world quality products at lower cost and in the shortest time possible.

Low Costs

Unique Design

Incredible Resistence

Light & Delicate

Our Projects

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